Galucho Trailers v 1.0


The Galucho Trailers package consists of:
– Galucho PB-RS4500 – 4.5 tons
– Galucho PB-RD6250 – 6 tons
– Galucho PB-2E8500 – 8.5 tons
– Galucho PB-2E12000 – 12 tons
– Galucho RB-Millennium – 16 tons

– All trailers feature low sides, (high) grain sides and silage sides
– The 4.5 to 8.5 ton trailers feature three way tipping
– The 12 & 16 ton trailers are equipped with a grain cover & unloading chute
– The RB-Millennium is a drop-side trailer, you can use it to transport equipment, bales or pallets

Authors: euroDZN, peterj, sam123


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  1. moundjigui says:

    je desir recevoir, une documentation complete sur les remorques y compris les prix.
    salutations du gabon
    Mr moundjigui

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