FTS Fertilizer Bulk Transportation Trailer


– It has a capacity of 50,000 litres.
– Tare weights is 2.5 Ton.
– Laden weights is 5.5 Ton.
– It can haul both fertilizer & slurry, but not at the same time only one substance in the tank at any one time.
– The lights all work perfectly, real lights, brakelights and flashers.
– The access lid opens to allow the user to watch the tank being filled, fill planes have been added.
– Triggers all work perfectly in SP and MP mode.
– Simply fill the tanker at any of the fertilizer fill points or one of the slurry tanks, then transport it to
– Wherever your machines are, drive the machine to be filled to the rear of the tank and hit the ‘R’ key to fill

Authors: Xentro, weedfarmer22, Milpol, Giants


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