Freimersdorf v 1.0

Freimersdorf-v-1.0-1 Freimersdorf-v-1.0-2 Freimersdorf-v-1.0-3

Freimersdorf is done directly beside Cologne in North Rhine Westphalia.
There are 5 yards from large to small. Fields are ebenfals of big bi 89 small fields and meadows 6.
A BGA with three silos and a wedge silo, pig farm, Minni BGA, gardeners achievement buys crap.
A sugar factory, two grain merchants, 1 Dealer of rape maize and sunflower burdock.
Eggs potatoes and red cabbage you can at Lidl or Good Clarenhof sell the embankment.
The Mild is picked up. The hapthof has built a all in one trigger.
Manure, manure mod lime and green manure mod with clover and alfalfa is also installed.
Fruits: barley, wheat, rape, maize, potatoes sugarbeets. In addition, there are cabbage, green, rye millet and sunflower.

Authors: John Deereltr180, Willi103, Fendt2111, LS-EU Team, Maruh


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