Franconia Map v 1.1

Franconia-Map-v-1.1-1 Franconia-Map-v-1.1-2 Franconia-Map-v-1.1-3

Changelog v 1.1:
– Cleaned up over 100 MB
– Saved all the textures with mip maps
– 4 old buildings replaced
– Clip Distances adapted by all objects and the foliage
– Trees Texture error still found repaired the road system
– Roofs of cattle fattening and organic farm, FFW house, Aldi and BayWa new adapted texture of Map limiting to conifers
– Some extraneous objects removed
– Terrain adjustments
– All high poly replaced trees for better performance by LS stock trees lowered growth to 3 days
– Collision on silos of small BGA improved somewhat
– Reset places something pulled apart, thus attach more room to
– Adjusted sales price pigs
– Other little things old savegame can of course be played

Authors: Gefd25, pAre, Greenstar3875


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