Four Corners v 1.0 BETA


Featuring 4 different locations, UK, USA, AUS and a random European location. You can play 4 regions in 1 Map. Each continent is separated from the Center by a vast water network.
Map has many Additional Features at the push of a button you can open Doors, Gates, Covers and toggle Lights.
Main farm is situated in the center of the map, with a single sell point, all animal zones the bga and store, each location then have there own sell points.
All animated doors gates, lights can be activated using the Key L
Mowing missions and transport missions are not set up just yet, please disable them in the options screen
Traffic is working in some areas
Hedges in the uk do have collisions.
There are currently 2 sell points in the UK, 1 in USA, 2 in Australia More will be done soon.
All animal Zones are working correctly, we also installed the water mod and chicken feeding.

Authors: FSmodding, First Xentro, Giants software, Marhu, FSM CHEFKOCH, OGF-BERNISCS, NI Modding, Blacky_BPG, Bayn, TMT


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