Foss Eik 7.60 Trailer Pack


Foss Eik is a small norwegian manufacturer of trailers and tippers, and this is one of their smaller trailers, the 7.60. The trailer with its many possibilities is a perfect addition to any farm with smaller equipment like the Ford Force Pack and JF forager
The trailer can function as a silage trailer for carting grass, but it can also be used to transport manure, potatoes and sugarbeet as well as function as a bale or transport trailer with its locking script.

– 1:1 scale
– Selectable silage sides (Key X)
– Locking script (Key O)
– Blinkers (Keypad 1, 2 and 3)
– Carrying capacity: 5000 (7600 with silage sides)
– Accepted fruits without sides: Manure, Potatoes and Sugarbeet
– Accepted fruits with sides: Chaff and Grass

Authors: haakon1990, Bennythen00b, LS-UK Modteam, by Sven777b, fruktor, Geri-G, PeterJ


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