Forest Map v 2.1

Forest-Map-v-2.1-1 Forest-Map-v-2.1-2 Forest-Map-v-2.1-3

– 1 large farm
– Village with pedestrian traffic
– Traffic
– 2 biogas plants
– Chickens, sheep, cows
– Net shop
– Mod lime and manure
– Mod of pigs
– Stations with trains running train and ramps
– Cultivation loaded aurochs (lime also)
– 3 buying crop (2 trains at the station and one in the village)
– The place of the forest and on buildings to Forest fashion
– New plants and textures
– Road signs
– Gates and doors opening to the key
– Hilly terrain
– Orlen petrol station
– A large machine shop
– Seed shop and dairies
– Children budowalny
– Pitch soccer ball

New in 2.1 version:
– Added chaff mod
– Better liquidity maps
– New, better PDA
– Fixed icons in PDA
– New textures
– Removed plant Randgrass

Authors: Marshmallow, Mr818vario


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