Ford Super Duty F-350 DRW Crew Cab 4×4 with WHF MR

2010-Ford-Super-Duty F-350-DRW-Crew-Cab-4x4-with-WHF-MR

LazyMod Studios presents the 2010 Ford Super Duty F-350 DRW (Dual Rear Wheel) Crew Cab 4×4 with Western Hauler Flatbed and 6.4L Diesel engine. Perfect for all your medium sized hauling and transportation jobs around the farm. Whether it be refueling your harvest equipment in the field, traversing your farm roads to check the crops, transporting your gooseneck trailer home with a brand new tractor from the dealer, or hauling a load of round bales in from the field, this type of truck earns it’s keep on most North American farms and is a necessity to get the job done by many a farmer.
Added frount attatcher joint so you can hook up the attatchable three point for pushing snow.
The truck can be used to refuel vehicles in the field with a fuel trigger located on the right side of the truck.
This truck will connect to 5th wheel gooseneck trailers with joint type “semitrailer”. It can also tow standard and low trailers from the bumper mounted hitch.
MP ready. Error free logs. 1:1 scaling based off manufacturer’s dimensions. Original cab mesh from Driver:SF modified and completely redone by mwlacy. All textures and new model parts including wheels, bed, bumper and chassis are original creations by mwlacy using Maya.

Authors: mwlacy, BigCountry, LazyMod Studios FSD, Isotope, Looseterror, TwistedGA, ThompsonM06, Sven777b, Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding), modelleicher, LS-Landtechnik, Geri-G, PeterJ


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