Ford Force Tractors v 1.0

Ford Force Tractors

The Ford Force Tractor range was launched in 1968. In 1971 the 7000 was added to the range as is noted as one of the first massed produced 80-100hp 4 cylinder tractors with a turbo charged engine. All these tractors were a popular sight on UK and Irish farms in the 1960s and 70s. Indeed many live on today having been exported to 3rd world countries.

The pack contains the following tractors:
– Ford 3000 – 45hp
– Ford 4000 – 61hp
– Ford 5000 cabless – 74hp
– Ford 5000 + Tanco Loader – 74hp
– Ford 7000 – 94hp

– The pick up hitch on the 4000 upwards can be moved up and down – Ctrl + V
– 4000 upwards have the choice of a drawbar as well – stand behind the tractor with nothing attached and follow the F1 menu
– Stand at the front of the 4000 and 7000 to toggle front weights

Authors:NI Modding, alwyn, henly20, rh


One Response to Ford Force Tractors v 1.0

  1. jamesone says:

    Hello volvevo know why acuisto if any of these ford tractors save the game and the game does not start anymore. I have to go in to the previous backup and start playing

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