Ford F 350 v 2.0


– 20% larger scale
– Rebuilt model with drivers directly from San Francisco
– Added opening hood
– Paint all new paint and dirt textures with customizable template
– Additional benefit is missing trailer attacher type
– Audio adjusted profiles
– Added 4-wheel drive
– Added dynamic Mount attacher
– set acceleration and deceleration behavior of the real world as closely as statistics of the game allowed
– Correct vehicle info for a 2010 model
– Scheme added missing icons
– Fixed wrong illuminated front
– Suspension changed and vehicle weight by pulling trailers easier and more stable
– Two truck pack for those who want a hitch without the bed

Authors: Niceguy4704, Clampit, dale3887, JoeFarmer3, DragonLord2007, Geri-G, Sven777b, Manuel Leithner, Xentro


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