Ford 8630 New Old Powershift Pack v 1.0 FINAL


– Speed ​​and RPM display
– Light status display
– Cabin lighting
– Screen Display Duals
– Strobe Light
– Steering animation
– Propeller shaft is animated
– Turn Signal
– Working Lights Front / Rear
– Super imposable weights (1 = 500kg, 1000kg = 2)
– Ploughing mod
– Camber v 2.0
– Realistic Exhaust Mod
– Realistic Indoor Cam
– Rear window can be opened, damper are animated
– The steering wheel can be folded
– Wheel Particle System

Model: Hurley, MrFox, Axel_of_sweden, pfreek, CLAASVEET, bullet, Jughaid, Kreters_Island, Giants
Scripts: MrFox, modelleicher, Sven777b, Mythos, Burner, John Deere 6930, fruktor
Texture: Hurley, MrFox, Giants, Axel_of_Sweden, pfreek, bullet, CLAASVEET
Sounds: EddieVegas, Giants


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