Flatline Map 2014 v 1.0

Flatline-Map-2014-v-1.0-1 Flatline-Map-2014-v-1.0-2 Flatline-Map-2014-v-1.0-3

After the standard animals, here also the rearing of calves, pigs and cattle is installed on the Map.
Ansich enough options to sometimes to take care of the animals.
The water Mod, Unkraut Mod from the Mig Map and additional manure / dung / lime Mod can be found on this map.
Furthermore, a BGA is installed, the sales agent for eggs, wool and all types of fruit. A pig and cattle sales outlet is available separately.
There are still pedestrians who make their rounds in a small village, the milk truck appears regularly.
Also is on the map at a collection center for horseshoes been created.
Vehicular traffic is not present here, because it simply does not allow the road course.
The fields are purchasable for the most part, this should not increase the difficulty.
The rot is disabled, also the growth levels have been increased.

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