Fendt Vario 724 SCR Black Beauty v 2.1


Fully animated cab (levers, buttons, indicators and pedals) Functioning Vario-board computer (via F3 can control other functions via IC) In-/Outdoorsound reacts installed on door and window opening Real Cam. Camera adjusts the angle of the MODS on Washable helper mode Attached devices can be increased by IC control and lowered wheel 4×4 (now MP ready) Manual handling gas (Key_Pad “+, -“) Dynamic exhaust smoke DLBA (air brakes) – moves with a functioning parking brake (not who) tire dust silo bunker compression enabled Fendt front weight 1.2 tons (washable) – Comes in V2.0 Original 724er sound hydraulic lift front / rear externally controllable via external IC Control Pflugmod


Model eicher Templaer Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding) Sven777b JoXXer Tobias F.: AGO Systemtech TIF: (model, animations and scripts) Devilkw TIF: Scripts meyer123, fin050808 MTW: TÜV & quality assurance Knechti MTW: sound, motion, and driving behavior credits for built-in scripts Knagsted Clod Hummel Burner Ago-Systemtechnik


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