Fendt 930 TMS & Fendt Vario Favorit 926


– Wheels get dirty
– Full lighting
– Opening rear window
– Operating Hours & ES Limiter
– Manual Ignition.
– Real Exhaust Particle System.
– Wheel Particle Spec
– Ploughing Spec
– Dual Tires
– The weights in the wheels. After adding the tractor differently behave
– Rotating the seat, together with the console 180 degrees. Tractor changing direction
– New realistic driving physics
– No errors in the log and working shema.
– Scale 1:1
– Fuel tank – 530 l

Authors: VMV Moddnig, blackfox


One Response to Fendt 930 TMS & Fendt Vario Favorit 926

  1. Fjederen says:

    First off, i want to say that i love these mods, i and i like the fact that you choose the older look for the fendt 926! Great job on the finish!! But i wanted to know if its posible to make the Fendt 926 as big as the Fendt 930, so they match better in size? Its like the Fendt 926 seems a bit small compared to the ingame equipment.
    Also, i wanted to know if you could make a Fendt 916 with the model of the Fendt 926?

    Best regards Fjederen

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