Farming Simulator 2013 Update 2.1 (Patch 2.1)


– Fixed wrong display of admin login on dedicated server games
– Fixed crash with some older GPUs
– Fixed crash on Window XP when loading large mods/dlcs
– Fixed animations of ridge markers
– Fixed visual artefacts when fully steering the Deutz 7545RTS
– Fixed wrong warnings in log introduced with patch 2.0
– Fixed display of some Japanese characters

New Features:
– Added warning when loading unsupported 3d sound files

– Improved particle system simulation
– Development console is scrolled when holding page up/down
– Improved stability of physics simulation (especially handling of pallets and bales)
– Greatly reduced game loading time with mods/dlcs
– Improved network bandwidth usage in multiplayer
– Reduced CPU load in multiplayer
– Tuning of SRB35 and BigM
– Improved Kröger MUK303 discharge animation

DOWNLOAD 138 MB Sharemods
DOWNLOAD 138 MB Uploadfile

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