Erlenberg v 1.2

Erlenberg-v-1.2-1 Erlenberg-v-1.2-2 Erlenberg-v-1.2-3

New in 1.2 version:
– Unkraut Mod removed because problems have arisen
– Horse breeding added (horses for breeding be purchased in the shop)
– Breeding horses may be sold in “Sport Ute”
– Adapted radio announcements of the event
– Audible now no longer have the whole map
– Purchase price and maintenance costs of breeding animals adapted
– Bridges collisions away
– Sale added additional pigs at the depot.
Thus, direct sale without production – various collisions away
– Collisions at the box 3 reworked
– Extra chaff (chopped) added stock
– Much of the court collisions from buyable court fixed
– Vehicles should now remain in place when restarting / loading the Map
– By silos exchanged at the BGA by a silage mountain
– Adjusted the volume of silage mountain
– Fixed Hovering the vehicles on the silage mountain
– Vehicles fall now
– Additional tank trigger at the airfield added
– Increased production of pig
– Repeated performance optimization of clip distances superfluous sounds removed
– Fixed 3D Sound Warnings
– Reworked AI traffic again
– Optional milk sale now

Authors: Giants, [FSM]Chefkoch, [FSM]Atabogo, [FSM]Jabba42, [FSM]112TEC, Chris, FrankWienberg[GER], Tessman85, Bluebaby, ZeFir_POLAND, atze1978, GE-Mapping, Marhu, Maruh, Thuruk, thecsfun, Devilkw, upsidedown, buchhauer, mailman, Eduard Geier


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