Erlenberg v 1.1

Erlenberg-v-1.1-3 Erlenberg-v-1.1-2 Erlenberg-v-1.1-1

Changelog v 1.1:
– Fixed pig, pigs are now displayed
– Ref Stations installed in a cow pasture, BGA and pig
– Aligned with bridge to field 4 on road
– Fixed flickering textures Shield
– Added additional balance to BGA exit
– Various collisions at the field edge No.3 and the cow shed away
– Various Decals and Deco removed and replaced
– Fixed growth stage for potatoes are now ready
– Airport converted from PR reasons
– Problems with Load game because of twisting of vehicles repaired in the yard buyable
– Fixed Several small
– PR optimization
– Signs added at the depot for sand and gravel. Both can be sold at the depot
– Workshop on Farm Shop Trigger installed

Authors: Giants, [FSM]Chefkoch, [FSM]Atabogo, [FSM]Jabba42, [FSM]112TEC, Chris, FrankWienberg[GER], Tessman85, Bluebaby, ZeFir_POLAND, atze1978, GE-Mapping, Marhu, Maruh, Thuruk, thecsfun, Devilkw, upsidedown, buchhauer, mailman, Eduard Geier


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