Docking Station v 1.0


The docking station is bought in the shop and then hung from a tractor to transport the three point. At weaning and disconnection on any Güllebefülltrigger (cow pasture, BGA) to the docking station automatically connects to this. The hose guide also allows the integration of a manure pit. Please note that sufficient space and a straight Directions for field binder must be present.

Left outlet:
The left outlet is connected by tubing to the field binder. The control of this takes place in the slurry feeder. HUD images and the exact stop with the docking port right above the slurry puddle on the docking station facilitate loading.

The rubber boot is provided for the direct loading of the slurry tank Kotte GARANT professional VQ 32000. About the charging is done from the slurry tank. For precise maneuvering the field binder displayed when approaching a suitable barrel a driving line. In addition, the longitudinal variation of the Befüllarmes will appear on the HUD graphics.
The flexible docking collar of rubber is fully animated and adapts to the movements of the Befüllarmes flexible.


Model: Bayerbua
Auto LM load: upsidedown
Pants Connect: upsidedown
Cuff: upsidedown


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