Deutz Compacmaster v 1.0 MR


Baling and wrapping a bale chamber, compact and lightweight. With the new Compacmaster a very compact way is now offered with a machine to cut the feed briefly to press an extremely dense bales, immediately air tight wrap and then store. The great advantage in this new machine is its low weight of only 3500 kg, and in the short construction. These advantages are especially on the slopes of enormous importance. By eliminating the bale transfer and the high winding speed high performance is achieved. Even with the amount of power can be saved, because the bales indeed must not be handled prior to winding. Practitioners are completely convinced of the efficiency and compactness of this machine.
The entry is via the proven integral rotor, which is known for its unbeatable power input – in case of a blockage of the rotor can be turned off by the way from the tractor, thus does not need an unwound or not, wetted bales are ejected. For extreme cases of cutting floor can werden. Die lowered from the tractor blades are individually protected against foreign objects and arranged for an especially high cutting quality, alternatively there is a 14 or 23 knife.
After the bale has been compressed, expanded, the upper part of the press according to the above, and the wrapping film wrap the bale airtight. For the duration of the winding process 25 to 28 seconds for a practice quite common value and enables fast work, after all, falls so the time for handoff away. The immediate airtight packaging is of course extremely beneficial for a perfect fermentation process.

Authors: xyzspain, ursus1234


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