Degibna Farm v 1.0

Degibna-Farm-v-1.0-3 Degibna-Farm-v-1.0-1 Degibna-Farm-v-1.0-2

There is a small town with a mole valley farms store where you can sell your grain’s, wool and store sugarbeet around the back, seed/fert can be brought in the side barn
There is a CFM tractor dealership “Cornwall Farm Machinery” at the Village
At one end of the Village there is a potato pack house for storing the potatoes
There is a grain storage shed across the lane from Degibna farm out in the trees Shown on the PDA

Authors: Ni Modeling, Tessmann85, Giants, pisty, ZeFir_POLAND, seedyMcSeederson, Willjsavage, FrankWienberg


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