Czech Map v 2.0

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Map with 28 field together with meadows, not only did you care about their Field so but animals, there is a forest where you can thus cut down trees. Ran thus, everyone will be satisfied.
Not only that, the increased area maps thus added a new purchase and it called. Train where you can see the old train ride (Ĺ ukafon).
There is therefore more difficult terrain and narrow muddy paths but so muddy field.
The Map added a lot of sounds in terms of how to farm something you hear all the time how flows mock or reversing some ground vehicle and the village is a beautiful village hear music.

Authors: Coufy, CSMC team, Venca, Cyril


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  1. BobbyLaurel says:

    The main characteristics of the Czech Map V2 by Coufy (pronounce: tso-fyh) are: very realistic landscape typical for the central Europe esp. for the Czech Republic, narrow unpaved roads between the fields, narrow asphalt roads, three villages with typical Czech country houses, fields of very irregular shapes, forests (available for foresting), large meadows that can be ploughed and turned into fields and rather devastated old farm, which really looks like the co-operative farms from times when communists ruled the country.
    So there are lots of elements to improve, adapt according to your ideas how a good farm should look like. It is not easy to play, which (I believe) is good for experienced players.
    Invetory: Some machinery to start with, place for cows, sheep and poultry, standard fruit (wheat, barley, corn, potatoes (=brambory), sugarbeet (repa).
    I like the pond. it is a nice place to sit. You can hear chainsaw in the forest, cuckoo near the farm, doves in the woods, creek flowing, and a music near the pub “U Coufyho”. I can recommend the map to any player who got bored either by rectangular official maps or by small clumsy amateur maps available elsewhere. I hope the team will continue and enlarges the map soon.

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