Cow Water Mod v 1.5


– This mod brings the cows need to be effective water
– You can add water to the cows, a cow consumes ~ 60 liters a day for the productivity increases by ~ 10%
– So they give 10% more milk. The amount of water that is available is displayed in the PDA

The mod includes:
– A freely placeable potions,  install only a drinker (a second is purchased potions does the mod only with the second)
– Mod in a water trailer included (the default water trailer does not work with the Trigg)

Changes in v 1.5:

– The problem is not resolved blasphemous fill the trough with different maps. Tested: Am Flussufer2013, bassumer land V 5.3, OGF MAP V 3.0, Wendezeit DDR final.
– PDA error Ackerland2 resolved
– Was nothing else is changed only a fix for the error schlimsten therefore v 1.5
– It will continue to patch 1.4 and requires regular water trailer functional Irish, yet

Author: Marhu


3 Responses to Cow Water Mod v 1.5

  1. mrali95 says:

    It doesn’t work for me, does it interfear with any other mod that u know?

  2. mrali95 says:

    doesn’t even work without mods, the saves just keeps loading but i never get in game.

  3. dthwlrhöstnmtzkn says:


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