Clock Mod v 1.2

Clock-Mod-v-1.2-2 Clock-Mod-v-1.2-1

The Clock Mod hidden in the default view of a real time, date and the total playing time of the current state of play and game time.
The Clock Mod is 100% multiplayer capability. Even if each has its own configuration.

Version 1.2:
– Move the panel with the mouse
– Show a Compass For Steerables the mods ajar compass display
– Some of the fixes noticed
– Optimized font color in the default values
– Finish the lyrics
– Revise and clean up the source code

In the enclosed readme all console commands are explained in detail:

Clock Mod
Clock Mod Help
Clock Mod Default
Clock Mod Reload
Clock Mod Save
Clock Mod Panel
Clock Mod Panel Pos
Clock Mod Panel Compass
Clock Mod Panel Move
Clock Mod Color Date
Clock Mod Color Time
Clock Mod Color Title
Clock Mod ColorText
Clock Mod Color Compass
Clock Mod Color Date RGB
Clock Mod Color Time RGB
Clock Mod Color Title RGB
Clock Mod Color Text RGB
Clock Mod Color Compass RGB
Clock Mod Font Size
Clock Mod Font Indent

Authors: Fox-Alpha, Killabot


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