Claas Lexion 600 Pack v 3.2


Included in the pack are:
– Claas Lexion 600 Claas with basic paint
– Claas Lexion 600TT with basic Claas livery
– Claas SWW 10.50 m to 12.00 m
– Claas SWW to 7.50 m
– Claas V750 SW
– Claas V1200 SW
– Claas Conspeed 8-75 FC

Changes since v 3.0:
– Painted in standard Claas (no European Tour finish)
– Diesel consumption is reduced
– Cutting height set slightly higher
– Headers changed to 1x 1x V750 and V1200
– 2 Header trailer, 1x and 1x 10.50 m -12.00 m to 7.50 m
– Level indicators adapted
– Funktionirende mirror
– Engine start
– ESLimiter
– Operating Hours

Authors: Shangri66, Defender, Face, sven777b, Bandit, tiger1234, modelleicher, Hoschi97, Maurermatze, bertram-79


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