Claas Implements Pack


In Pack includes:
– Claas Liner 4000
– Claas Liner 880
– Claas Disco 3050 Mower
– Claas WM 290 F Mower
– Claas Orbis 900 Cutter
– Claas Xerion Weight


– Claas Liner 4000: GIANTS Software GmbH, Ifko[nator]
– Claas Liner 880: Giants, Dozer
– Claas Disco 3050 Mower: Pumbaa, Timo Zeller
– Claas WM 290 F: MAurUS, Giants, Sven777b, s8080t
– Claas Orbis 900 Cutter: Jaguar Driver, Alexrettig1800
– Claas Xerion Weight: ice_dealer

Pack Author: vydka


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