Central Kansas Remake v 1.0


– Pig Mod added
– Buy your fields at the Central Kansas Land Inc. by the Vehicle Shop
– Added Futterlager right next to the cows and sheep
– Added SugarBeet Refinery West of your Main Farm
– Added Canola Refinery where the port used to be (North of the Farm Shop)
– Added 3 villages
– Re-worked the fields so hired workers dont leave skips
– Added Paved road system with road signs
– Added WindBreaks (trees) along many roads ( just like you would see in real life)
– Added a Pond in the mountains, for you to fill your Water tanks for free
– Added the Water Mod so you can get that extra 10% in your livestock production
– Removed the Mill and added Kanza CO-OP
– Added Power Lines for realism
– Rearranged the main farm so it would be more courseplay friendly
– TOTAL FIELD PRICES: $22,515,40
– Field price, $12,000 per Hectare

Authors: Giants team, Tessmann85, wingi, Ganelcer, Trekkerbodo, Sigie85, hermit23, Disturbed742, schweizer6005, sandgroper, NI modding, Marhu


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