Cat Low Loader v 1.0 Update


This is the Cat Low Loader from the “Cat Fleet upload”. Fixed the floor and the Col RB’s at the ramp. It no longer sinks when it spawns at the default Vehicle shop ground and has improved for loading and unloading of vehicles

Authors: @poc@lypse, Getsome2030, Goelm, GHOST78, Sven777b, AutoGeri-G


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  1. Avegooday says:

    Thanks a lot ! Didn’t D/L the Cat package earlier so I did not noticed it but finally, here’s something that will allow me to transport my harvesters (combines).

    Now, I’ll try to find a way to add an attacher at the back to carry a header trailer but I’m just learning to work with GE. Perhaps, the author or someone else will do it in a near future 🙂

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