Cat 345B Pack v 1.0


Here is the excavator and the shovel for it. You need to unzip this file and copy the two files inside into you mod folder Cat_345B & Shovel Unzip

– The log file is error free
– Shovel capacity = 10,000 Litres
– Fruits did it can handle: wheat | barley | rape | maize | potato | Sugarbeet | grass_windrow | dryGrass_windrow | wheat_windrow | barley_windrow | silage | forage | chaff | manure
– Porformance is good except for a shutter of the shovel When lifting or slewing quickley


Cat345B original author and Shovel: Fredzaza
Original script: Fredzaza
Terra Trac script: shangri 66
Beacon from Cat 966H: Tento


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