Case IH 1455 XL v 1.0


The tug was placed on the scale of 1:1 and partially revised. He is logfehlerfrei and has realistic values ​​for weight, performance, fuel level, etc. All textures are converted to DDS. By IC can be opened both doors, the roof hatch and the rear window and fold the flashing beacon. The front lift arms can be folded (key 8) and in the cockpit view mirrors 2 may appear to be (key 7). The case has front and rear work light (keys 5 and 6), as well as turn signals / hazard lights (numpad 1-3). Swirling dust on the tires when driving on the field (always) and on country lanes and fields (only at high speeds). The tractor has dynamic exhaust smoke is washable (wait a minute, he is not equal to 1 or 2 hours totally dirty) and has the spec of ThrottleRPM Satis (increase idle speed when switching from suitably equipped implements / trailers).

Authors: shiny16, 818Vario, Sven777b, Manuel Leithner, Satis, Mikal


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