Case 9120 Axial Flow v 1.2 Multifruit


Case 9120 Axial Flow Pack including:
– Combine traditional
– Combine with tracks
– Cutting multifruit 10.7m wide
– Cutting multifruit of 6.7m wide
– Corn Harvester multifruit 7.5m wide
– Trailer cup carrier

Authors: Libretito, Wohlstandskind, yekk1, Elli, @lex


2 Responses to Case 9120 Axial Flow v 1.2 Multifruit

  1. Kisiel says:

    Quite nice, only two problems. That combine is very heavy. Puting it into trailer is not realy working, because no tractor or track is able to drive. Second problem is graphics. Quite often on different angles and distances it gets grey with red tires. Maybe it is problem with my graphics.

  2. alfie says:

    one problem i have with this here mod is that it isnt a 9120, in fact its a new holland cr9090, i work at a case dealership and have seen a 9120, its very much the same chassis and engine wise but the body panels are not the same they are different

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