Breitheim v 1.0

Breitheim-v-1.0-1 Breitheim-v-1.0-2 Breitheim-v-1.0-3

– Clover and alfalfa as a cover crop
– Map Hose Ref Station at the biogas plant and the Cow pit the main courtyard
– Kalk, Manure slurry Mod
– Purchasable biogas plant
– Purchasable farm with biogas plant
– Gates to open with the Map Door Trigger
– Traffic light system with built in flash function
– Completely new designed scenery with unique road network
– 2 wide. Courtyards, one of which is purchasable
– 2 outlets. Agravis country trade, grain Roth
– 2 villages
– 3 Forestry Forests for the soon to be released Forstmod
– Many purchasable fields
– 70 ha of arable land
– Traffic, pedestrians in the village, milk truck
– Cows, chickens, sheep

Author: NKB-Modding


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