Bitteswell 2013


Bitteswell is a small village in the heart of rural Leicestershire in England. Its here at one of the local farms. Bitteswell 2013 is loosely based around this farm, the village and the surrounding area.
Crops grown on the farm are Wheat, Barley, Maize, Rape, potatoes and Sugar Beet. There is also a small dairy herd and a few sheep. On the outskirts of the village is Bitteswell egg farm where you can collect the eggs from the free range birds and sell them at the local Spar shop in the village. There is also a pig unit to the side of the egg farm which you maintain.
Local industry includes, a machinery dealership, mill, country store, dairy, brewery, wool merchant, a bio gas plant and a Sugar Beet processing plant.
Included with the map is a list of trigger locations and a map to help you find your way around. After you have downloaded it un-zip the file and move to your mods folder.

Authors: NI Modding, sandgroper, leicestershireFarmer, willjsavage, FarmerMark96, AlbertL, WKubota, pw18600, GE mapping, vanillaice83, Javier007, Ferguson Freund, GeneralX, El Cid, Sampson, Marhu, Giants, discoade


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