Big Haupeltshofen Map Multifruit v 1.0

Big-Haupeltshofen-Map-Multifruit-v-1.0-1 Big-Haupeltshofen-Map-Multifruit-v-1.0-2 Big-Haupeltshofen-Map-Multifruit-v-1.0-3

– 3 Pig fattening
– 2 Cattle fattening
– Cows, pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens
– Wither is off
– 6 BGA – 4 of them will scale with statistics function
– New barn, new buildings, new hofsilos
– 66 fields between 0.9 ha and 153 ha
– Wool Palette Collector, Watermod, Map silo band, food storage
– New Village
– New unloading
– Port, railway station
– Already fertilized 90 % of the fields one in possession
– New launch vehicles, but not overdone
– Traffic is running, but can the traffic density quietly sat on 3, is pretty much built
– Store supplies directly to the court
– Energy Park for your solar and wind systems
– Missions adapted, are also feasible with Hoflader
– New textures for trees, shrubbery, crops, soil, sky
– Silohaufen, Traunstein silos, outdoor silos
– Adapted fermentation times, growth times, fermenters speed, levels
– Dairy off set adjusted milk truck
– Corn only when cowshed from and rechargeable, because feed mixer
– Garden center with space for your greenhouses, manure storage and water fountain

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