Big European Map v 2.0

Big-European-Map-v-2.0-1 Big-European-Map-v-2.0-2 Big-European-Map-v-2.0-3

– Agricultural Flieger
– Map Silo Band
– Wool Palette Collector
– Pig
– Cattle fattening
– Water Mod
– Mixing Station
– Oberthal Bacher country trade rebuild
– Forgotten Plants Realistic Texture
– Slurry manure and lime Mod
– New cowzone, refurbished, new barn
– New farm silos
– Brewery with production
– Dairy Barn With Installation Instruction V1.0
– Workshop shed kit
– BGA For small businesses
– Balance with statistics function
– Digital display for silo filling
– Help Icons Fixed Position
– Fixed problem with the ground when harvested after spraying
– Pesticide Station and seed Station
– Signs
– Conversion textures
– Land with grass texture
– Fixed several bugs
– New cow silos
– New hall, Pole Barn on the cowplex
– Special care of the landscaping
– New constructions
– Elimination of problematic objects

Author: Tiago Piloneto


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  1. Thierry says:


    La nouvelle Map Big European V 2.0 du 2 Juin 2014 a de gros Bugg.

    Je viens de l’essayer à l’instant.

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