Benz Northwest Mecklenburg v 1.3 Reloaded

Benz-Northwest-Mecklenburg-v-1.3-Reloaded-1 Benz-Northwest-Mecklenburg-v-1.3-Reloaded-2 Benz-Northwest-Mecklenburg-v-1.3-Reloaded-3

– Big fields
– An agricultural cooperative with milk production (cows are adapted)
– Grain drying
– Sugar beet factory
– Pig
– Exposed dunghill
– 3D roads
– Small lakes
– Vast forests
– 3 villages (Benz, Gamehl, Karlsow)
– Cereal hall with built up Super Silo Trigger
– Completely new farm with new biogas plant
– Chickens
– Sheep
– Egg & wool can be sold at the store in Benz
– New textures including all new grass texture
– New PDA
– Potatoes can now be harvested
– Slurry and manure mod

Authors: fendtxylon524, Bulldog13, Eckert35, Polska, maurermatze, Eifok, Fatian, Rubiks, Lexion_780, Patti, Buschi, bullgore, El Cid, The_Green_Flash, diverse polnische Modder


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