Belgique Pofonde v 3.0

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You are now in a Map representing a small part of the fictional Belgian Ardennes you are the owner of a farm in the small village of Michamps. This map contains between your other farm, you can also ETA developed several outlets for your cereal, fruit of the earth, eggs, dairy and other animals. A purchasing your future earth system is available at point of sale “Century21” and your horse can beings sold for slaughter.
A PDF explaining the operation of the map is in the general case, as well as some mods included with this map. You must make the decision between major equipment for proper performance or most basic equipment for a better maneuverability in small streets and narrow fields of this region.

Author: Maxmap


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  1. Frabel team says:

    This map is NOT the Deep V3 Belgium, Belgium Deep V3 does not exist yet, it is still in the pc Luxfarm and mine and is far from over, then all versions is priced V3 are is just false map made ​​by people who want a “glory” simply.

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