Bale Handling Tools v 1.0

Bale-Handling-Tools-v-1.0-1 Bale-Handling-Tools-v-1.0-2

Whether you’re an arable or a livestock farmer, bales are a part of any well-balanced farming outfit. The 1.2 meter diameter McHale bales are a popular format. Especially for those round bales, we offer you a number of bale handlers

The Bale Handlers package consists of:
– Browns Bale Spike
– Browns Bale Humper
– Stronga Bale Spike
– Grays Bale Shifter
– McHale BH601 Single / Double
– Wifo BKP-UF
– Wifo BKP and BKP-2 Bale Grabs
– Wifo BP-3 and BP-5 Bale Spikes

– Several selectable attachment brackets on each handler
– Walk up to a handler to change the brackets to suit your machine
– All handlers have been outfitted with a traditional lock script
– Each handler has its own unique characteristics

Authors: euroDZN, peterj, sam123


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