B34STX Objects Pack v 1.0


– Advertising sign with editable print. Edited with Adobe Photoshop is the sign. (. PSD file included)
– Small ramp 2.5m long, 1.8m wide and 80cm in height are for example, the court-Trac, so you can fill your trailer better. It is designed in a rustic style.
– Advertising sign 2 in a simple and convenient form or style. Advertising space of 3×1.2 meters. Simple wooden frame.
Also here is the. PSD file to provide a simple edit of advertising.
– 2 trees with lengths of 4m and a woodpile.
– An old wooden bridge with a total length (track length) of 14 meters. The 3.2 meter wide carriageway bfindet 2.5 meters in height, making for crossing streams to small rivers suitable. The maximum width to be crossed is the 3.8 meters.

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