Auto Tractor v 0.9.0 BETA


Auto Tractor is an alternative helper for tractors, which is not only simple boots down under, but automatically detects the direction and continuously adjusts

Changelog v 0.9.0 BETA:
– There is a new field recognition. Normally, the tractor should not simply work in the next field now. – At the start of the helper may freeze, especially for large fields the game.
– The maneuvers have been revised. For normal device at the 3-point linkage, there is a new 90° turn.
– It now also supports Knicklenker. All perfect but it is not yet.
– The steering is a little more effectively damped.
– One can intervene in the steering when activated helper.

Authors: Mogli, Biedens, Zartask, Mr.F, gotchTOM


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  1. Marcus says:

    Why don’t you make this work on combines also? It would be nice and helpful.

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