Auenbach v 1.2

Auenbach-v-1.2-1 Auenbach-v-1.2-2 Auenbach-v-1.2-3

New in v 2.1 version:
– Fields purchase optimized all fields now on sale Farm Shop / sellable
– Installed slurry / manure storage
– Slurry manure-kalk mod installed
– Purchase and storage facilities for fertilizers, seeds and kalk
– Fields redistributed, now 7 fields
– Diverse terrain adjustments
– Map Buy Able Objects. Numerous objects that can be purchased to get rid of your money
– Digital displays at all silos and warehouses as well as a large information board at the court
– AI traffic away
– Rot is out
– Various new items
– Timed events added
– Fitted tank farm at the court as well as storage tanks with variable prices
– PDA map was adapted
– Cow Water Mod installed
– Sound Pack installed
– Woll Palletten collectors installed

Author: FSM-Team 2013


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