Apfelmod v 1.3


This mod allows you to grow apples and sell them. For this, you have to plant trees and take the apples to your street sales, where the customer will then help yourself. Both are placeable objects that must not be installed with the GE.
In this first version only the single player mode is supported.
The mod consists of 3 components: the street vending, the apple tree and the trailer for apples. The first time the apples are sold, on the second they grow and with the third being transported.

New in 1.3 version:
– Now with pear tree
– The trailer can also upload pears, cherries, plums, oranges and street sales sell these fruits also
– Increased capacity of the road selling to 2000 liters and increased sales volume per hour
– Increased pluck speed
– Collisions of the leaves removed

Authors: mor2000, GIANTS


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