Angelner Map v 1.0C


New features in 1.0C version:
– Built BGA balance
– Wash
– Map silo band
– Reduced Visible Animals ie 6 per pasture. Cows, sheep, chickens because the pastures and the gates are very close to one another on the farm
– Delineators
– Vehrkers signs
– Some new textures
– All unloading were renewed and mistaken Growing with tarpaulin
– Unloading and storage at the old standard for fruits
– Wool Pallete Colector was incorporated and the same little lower down so you can better absorb the pallets with a fork
– Sugar beet factory, has been completely renovated and built an additional unloading
– Added there is also an unloading point for bales and straw
– When the spinning was also some Embellished

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