Andres Kanal Map Multifrucht v 2.8


– Added is a new fruit soybean
– Pig
– Butcher
– WaterMod v 3.0
– There were some changed textures
– Conveyor belt for the manure pile on the animal farm
– Store vehicle moved to the industrial park
– Tried the roads as much as possible to adapt
– Added is still a waterworks
– Some space left in the yard for Placeable objects
– Next to the building there are two further courtyards with small footprint
– The silos on farm animals now have both a capacity of 1,200,000th

Authors: Tessmann85, Ganelcer, Ekkehard, LWS Terminator


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  1. Leif Banke says:

    Its an awsom map. But the silage turns into manure so i cant us it..

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