Amber CoOp v 1.1

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– The map has been broken up into 5 “states” each with several homes, equipment storage and refil facilities. With a 6th “state” being that of the main yard with the animals. Teleporters connect all to a central hub at the main yard.
– Main yard is completely redone and given an industrialized look. With central off-loading.
– Sheep buildings gone and pasture moved to yard to centralize the co-op.
– Cow pasture expanded into an upper and lower pasture, silage and straw given at the upper and grass,mixed at the lower. Cows will migrate back and forth.
– Water mod is built into the map. Please remove it from your mod folder if you have it.
– Storage for all parts of the animal process. Storage for wool and headers.
– Places marked for breeding mod and chicken coop mod.
– Changed textures and foliage.
– Growth time of crops lengthened to match that of grass per stage at 3.6e+007. This only adds 2 minutes to each growth cycle if your in fast foward mode(x120, fast) but 1hr 20 min at x5,slow. Giving more flexibility to the players imho without having to go to real time.
– Idaho mtns. now have two additional wider roads to the top without altering the original back roads. To give players up there additional access.
– New PDA map to reflect changes.

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