Amazone Pantera v 1.0


– Hub/Lenkzylinder chromed
– Other skin
– Farmer and Interior pimped
– MM Rearcam
– Dust Particle System
– Exhaust Particle System
– Fuel level warning
– Fertilizer tank level warning
– Switchable Pflegebereifung
– Application of Fertilizer and manure
– Turn signals and reverse lights
– ES Limiter
– Vehicle Compass
– Handbrake button Space
– Fuel tank capacity 500 liters
– Fertilizer tank capacity 20000 liters
– Fertilizer Fertilizer consumption 7liter

Authors: Giants, Bluebaby210, modelleicher, Dragonlord2007, Sven777b, Manuel Leithner, JohnDeere6930, Webby, MMAgrarservice, Zen


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