Alps Austria Country v 1.0 Forest Edition

Alps-Austria-Country-v-1.0-Forest-Edition-1 Alps-Austria-Country-v-1.0-Forest-Edition-2 Alps-Austria-Country-v-1.0-Forest-Edition-3

– Dairy farm with cattle fattening and chickens
– Mountain farm with sheep and cows
– Pig farm
– Contracting company with a feed mixer Hall
– 2 Country Trade
– 1 small detail rich village with dealer
– Very detailed varied & Landscape
– 3 forestlands Forstmod
– Hills and Valleys
– Steep meadows to large flat areas of arable land
– Installed alfalfa and clover as a cover crop
– Weed Mod
– Manure and Lime Mod

Authors: Giants, Eifok, Vertexdezign, Katsuo, BM Modding, rafftnix, fruktor, Buschi, Gitterbox, Baue3rR, JauchenPaule, GE-Mapping, NKB-Modding, Raptor5, SteffenMuc30, B34STx, HatzFan, Modding Welt, martinbigM500, Ls-Landtechnik, Fatian, El Cid, JakobT, TT Modding, div.polnische Modder


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