Alpental v 1.3

Alpental-v-1.3-3 Alpental-v-1.3-2 Alpental-v-1.3-1

– Rotting is Off
– 9 Fields 1-6 acres hectares
– Standard fruits
– 2 meadows
– Pig
– Water (cows, sheep, chickens)
– 3 outlets (including vehicle dealers)
– Improved texture set / colors
– BGA added with scale
– Added butcher
– Water is now also available for free – you have to go just a little further
– The village was relocated
– Wool Palette Collector installed v 1.3.1
– Map Hose Ref Station now for cows, pigs and BGA
– More natural, more of everything
– Various bug fixes
– Advanced Watermod on sheep and chickens
– Cow & Sheep – Freeze Fixed
– Changed Diverse collisions
– Added sentinels in the PDA
– Added milk tanks and sale

Author: Elmo


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