Alpental v 1.2


New in v 1.2 version:
– Improved texture set / colors
– BGA added with scale
– Added butcher
– Water is now also available for free – you have to go just a little further
– The village was relocated
– Wool Palette Collector installed v 1.3.1
– Map Hose Ref Station now for cows, pigs and BGA
– More natural, more of everything
– Various bug fixes

Author: Elmo


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  1. Christer Fredholm says:


    Is it correct that it isn’t possible to open or close the barn-doors on the buildings on the farm? I get the “open gate” option next to the doors, but they won’t open. Just wondering if this is correct, or if something’s wrong with the map. If they don’t open – I feel like we lack places to store the equipment.

    Christer F

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