Alpental Green v 1.5.1 Forest Edition

Alpental-Green-v-1.5.1-Forest-Edition-1 Alpental-Green-v-1.5.1-Forest-Edition-2 Alpental-Green-v-1.5.1-Forest-Edition-3

– Map enlarged and extended to field 10 (Buyable)
– Field 3 has been replaced by meadow
– Smaller food storage on the farm
– 2 outdoor silos at the central warehouse
– New potato warehouse at the central warehouse
– BGA again Completely Revised
– Relocated grain storage on the farm in silos
– Orginales manure tank removed and replaced with square
– The old country store removed and installed Eifok country store (behind the BGA)
– Added vehicle dealer
– The country commercial vehicle dealer was moved Added gas station
– Much value have continued to put on performance
– Added 1.6 ha forest floor (Buyable) Already built sawmill, wood chips, power plant and warehouse
– Various changes to the sawmill and the forest added to the camps for logs
– And 100 other details

Authors: Elmo, Wohlstandskind, marhu, Buschi, Katsuo, mailman, Fatian, LS-Landtechnik, Luxfarm, TMT – Trans Mapping Team, MorphX, Fruktor (Eifok), LwFarming, Alex2009, Buschi


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