Alpenland Map v 1.0


– The construction of the map has lasted about 11 months, with many long pauses
– The map is a Hilly – Mountainous Valley area fictitious somewhere in the mountains
– On the map there is a courtyard and a small BGA. There is also a small village, where they can leave their crop, eggs and wool to sell
– On the map there are quite a lot of grass. Areas for the cows, sheep and chickens are available on the card
– In the yard there are two silos next to the barn. There are also on the map is still 2 outdoor silos
– In addition, a small river flows with a lake on the map
– On the map there is a part for the Forstmod, but this is still WIP
– The map is slightly more than one third of the original map

Authors: Philipp, Fendtfan1, Steffenmuc1, Fatian, Katsou, Deere6800, Claas Raser, IMarvin, Börndi, Acert, Giants


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